Out and About on a Friday

Two films from yesterday.

The first is me calling Lambie – only have the volume up if you want to hear me screeching!

Next, is BeAnne trying to play with Efstur (no sound) before his Mum muscles in to try and stop them.  I think Efstur and BeAnne are going to be good friends in the future.

I spent the morning with Bjørn, helping him with his ponies.   Yes, these are cows.  I like cows.


BeAnne put up a rabbit so everyone gave chase.  No, they didn’t catch it despite their best efforts.


Amina, Bjørn’s German Shepherd dog, played in a sludgy green hill pond.


BeAnne and Loki joined her.  Unusual for Loki who hates water.  It has taken a while, but Loki is now learning how to be a real dog.


BeAnne is just disgusting.  And, yes, she rolled and then was doubly disgusting.


On our way back to the van, we saw a pair of curlew eggs – they were lying in their vague nest. Sorry, but that is not a nest – it is a hopeful dip.


No day spent with Bjørn is a day without visiting his Shetland ponies – Bergli Stud


Much galloping, playing and lots and lots of silly billies.

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Always a joy, never a chore.  A lovely day.

5 thoughts on “Out and About on a Friday

  1. Linda

    You said it, what a lovely day you had!

    I love seeing BeAnn playing – I don’t know if I’ve seen that before. And that furry little face of hers does look less than wonderful after a slog in the water…but it always dries eventually, right?

    No that isn’t much of a nest those curlews made – maybe they’re just lazy. 😉

    And more beautiful, sweet photos of foals playing – Thank You!

  2. Terri

    Thanks for today’s story of daily life in Shetland (sheep, horses, cows, dogs, one very lucky rabbit, lonely eggs). A peek into a very special way of life! BeAnne and her “play bow” to Efstur is soooo cute — a budding friendship, even though he’s so young. Amazing how relatively tolerant Brá is (compared with Hetja and her foal last year). And what is better than watching “silly billies”?

    1. Terri

      PS Forgot to mention how wonderful it is to see Lambie RUNNING to you, after those early days (months?) when he could barely walk, because of his wretched joints. All your hard work to keep him in motion paid off. How rewarding it must feel!

  3. Darby

    I know the conditions in The Shetlands can be pretty awful but this looks like paradise. Actually I have a T shirt which says ” if there are no ponies in heaven I’m not going”


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