This time last year

Every time I am outside, Maggie looks for me and comes running over.  For a hill sheep she is very tame and this makes me remember that this time last year there was one sad black ewe who stayed around our gate asking me to let her in.

How did she know I would? Why did she want to live here?  She had made a decision and stuck to it while the rest of her hill flock wandered away. Every time I went outside there would be a small thin black sheep waiting for me on the other side of the fence.

Ok, Maggie likes food but she genuinely likes people.

At the moment, I spend far too much time thinking this-time-last-year and trying to remember how my life has been enriched by my rescue animals.

For a hill sheep (notoriously wild and unhelpful), Maggie is very tame and knows her mind.

This is Maggie (and Harrel’s) time in my thoughts.  They are my constant reminder of the “this time last year’s” plus the crappy sheepy politics that went with it (’nuff said but we won).

This time last year, I didn’t know Maggie and Harrel-the-Barrel.

They have enriched my life and I am grateful for them for doing this.  A reminder to always help when no one else will.


7 thoughts on “This time last year

  1. Sam

    Hill sheep in need of help, just like stray cats, know who has put the welcome mat out. Even if you think you didn’t- you did. And we thank you for your kindness to these two lost souls. Your work with them, the other Sheeple and the Minions reminds me there really are Good People in the world.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Maggie probably watched you with the other sheeple and knew she would find kindness and a welcoming home. If she could just pull it off 😉 So glad she and Harrel are where they belong. Yes our feral animals enrich our lives. We have three feral cats that used to live in the barn but now are indoor cats. Monster’s big white cousin, and two others. Our cats have to be indoors because we have coyotes that will take them out in a second.
    what a difference a year makes;-)

  3. diane in northern wis

    You do such wonderful things….giving aid and a new home to so many loving critters. They are so blessed to find you and your beautiful heart. Happy almost New Year to you and your gang….human and critters!


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