Squirrel Update

Thank you everyone for all your input. Lots of useful links and possibilities.

A friend sent this link to a squirrel wax seal ring that has been commercially reproduced and looks remarkably similar.

From the website:-

“Handcrafted using the impression of a mid-1800’s British wax seal. This whimsical ring features a squirrel with the text framing him reading ‘Ever Gay’.

Squirrels are emblematic of one who may plan for the future, but is unafraid to take advantage of the moment and willing to seize the day.”

So then OH and spent the afternoon trying to see if there were actually three letters near the squirrel rather than acorns and also if there may have been any writing around the other side too that has been worn away.

I think not. and we made a bad job of it using a different method – a teaspoon-with-wax-pellets-on-the-gas-hob. The mince-pie holder produced a better quality of wax to work with. Anywho, I will email the company with the ring to ask if they know anything about the original seal.

Meanwhile, I will keep researching and looking for information.

4 thoughts on “Squirrel Update

  1. Sam

    It is a lovely seal. Just like your sunset. So is this your end of year project?
    Mine should be “clear out 1 bin of fabric” – but I am not sure that will happen….

  2. Barbara M. In NH

    ///that middle “acorn” looks to me like a spur on a cowboy’s boot, or actually similar to the insignia in the upper right corner of the official Lord Nelson seal. Of course, I wear glasses and squint trying to see it, but that’s my best guess!


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