Gave In

I know I said that everyone could stay where they are until they lost weight….

But today I gave in.  I couldn’t bear it any longer. By “it”, I mean the pitiful looks of utter misery.

And they were all very glad when I said I would open the gate.

No one needed asking twice.

All eight cantered off happily into the longer grass, which has hopefully absolutely no calories or sugar.

Lots of bouncing, giggling and farting!

Eventually, having explored sufficiently, they got down the serious work of eating.

I had a word with Tiddles and said I would be keeping a close eye on him and one hint of laminitis and he would be back home….

Along with Silver….

…. and Newt for company (they are fatties too).

Tiddles said he would try not to eat his weight in grass on the first day!

It was lovely to watch them all, though.

Everyone happy.

I left them to it.

5 thoughts on “Gave In

  1. E McAndrew

    Thinking back on the state of them, Storm and the rest, when you first took them in and look at them now. Such lucky lads.

  2. Sue Horn

    Yes they do look well but I think the bigger the area they have to roam the better control you get over their weight.
    I added a Shetland pair plus a lamanitic inclined pony to our herd and they roamed up to 60 acres some winters.
    As part of the herd they also had access to ad lib haylage but they never got laminitis even when allowed into lush spring grass.
    The secret I think is they keep moving in search of sweeter grass and that works.


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