This Lot

This lot were found this afternoon loitering with intent.  Waffle had been dancing in the water bucket.

And I am surprised, because I have been incredibly generous and given them the other part of their race-track to eat down.

The Minions have to come back to bed in the evening.  12 hours on and 12 hours off – them’s the rules.

And sometimes they have treats. Celery is a firm favourite.

This afternoon has been hot, by Shetland standards.  So, after finding Waffle had desecrated the water bucket, I threw the remainder over him. Of course he loved it!

And then I told them to all go and get a job.  Preferably one that didn’t involve the water bucket.

Note Storm’s bouncy bottooom!

And they rushed off giggling, while I knew they would be back to undo all the good things I had done for them.

*** sigh ***.

This is their 12 hours off bedroom.  Every evening I fill up the boxes with soaked hay. Surprisingly, they are always very happy to come “home” in the evening.

In a Field Far, Far Away” …… is what I thought.

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