Love, Hugs and Kisses

We had a slight lull in the unspeakable Shetland weather this morning so I took myself and my camera down to see my Minions. Some friends turned up too, so I dragged them down to the field.  The Minions always love seeing new people.

To start with, these three were a bit aloof with me as I haven’t seen them for a while – Flossie has been doing the checking and carrot distribution, while I stay up the top of the hill and top-up water buckets and feed Hetja, Lilja and Sóley-the-Foalie.

But the chaps soon remembered that people are the best for love….

hugs …..

…and kisses!

So, in the freezing wind, we had a lovely time chatting to the ponies and yes, Floss had a piece of carrot each to give out.

I have missed my little ones but Leradale is not the easiest of fields to traverse in this extreme weather (and Flossie always sweetly offers!)

But I am glad I made the effort this morning.  It was good to see everyone looking happy, fat and healthy.

Even the old ladies are doing very well this winter, and that is always a huge relief.

Once the weather ceases and desists, I will go and sit on a rock and wait to see who comes up for a chat.

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