B&W Experiment

I have been experimenting with black and white photography recently.

Today has been spent doing boring paperwork and paying bills…. yawn.  My reward was a lovely bendy schooling session on Klængur and, afterwards, I went outside with my little camera (not the Darth Vader one) and sat with the boys taking random occasional photos of everyone.  Perfect.  Utter bliss.

L1110443 L1110456

I love being with the herd.  They just potter about me, some requesting nose kisses, some wanting hugs, some wanting their bottoms scratched.  No one is rude and everyone behaves.  I never feel threatened or worried.  Would I do this with the mares?  I have done, but I am far more wary and am always reading their body language between each other.  Bust-ups happen more quickly with mares, than geldings or stallions even.

L1110461  L1110465 L1110477 L1110480

Daisy came to join me – she had been riding Haakon to the beach with Anna on Fakur and they had just returned the horses to the field.  She plonked herself down and immediately Silver, who had been on the edge, came up and draped himself around her.




I think I will go on with the black and white thing.  It gives a different mood to my photos.  Sometimes the colour hides the real emotions and feelings.


It was a nice day, though and I am feeling very virtuous.  I even almost did my tax return.

4 thoughts on “B&W Experiment

  1. Linda

    You are SO right about the different moods with black and white! I love the photos both ways, but there’s an intensity with B&W.
    And those photos of the horses with Daisy are so sweet and beautiful.
    I will never, ever get tired of seeing your photos!

  2. Louise

    The second pic of Daisy and Silver is beautiful, you wouldn’t have captured the same moment in colour xx

  3. Melissa

    Such a feeling of trust and unity in that last photo of Silver and Daisy. I had to struggle to see where Silver ended and Daisy began. The final photo, in colour… you beauty.


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