The Winter Sun

The sun is shining!  I know, sit down, recover – there is a bright thing in the sky!

I came across this little family enjoying the better weather.  Ok, it was windy, but no one minded.

I think Albie and Newt are good friends now.

Newt has his uses.  He makes a good wind break!

I am so pleased they have sorted out their differences and actually like each other now.  I was worried for a while.

Newt is the boss of Albie.

Newt, for all of his lack of size, is a very determined little chap.  Nothing gets in his way.

Albie is very happy to let Newt make all the decisions.

25 whole inches of ruling the world, or at least Albie.


Tor is teaching her boys well and we love her for that.

I went to Liradale to check the other reprobates and upon my return, I found this little pile of ponies.

I crept round with my camera to take better photos but Albie had stood up by the time I reached them.

I think these two will be ok together.  They have a bond and they will have it forever.  I just hope it is strong enough for Albie because Tor will have to leave in the Spring.

Yes, I lie awake at night and worry about that too.

6 thoughts on “The Winter Sun

  1. Terri

    I can’t bear to think of Albie losing another mum. **sniff** (I know I’m being sentimental and unreasonable.) Let’s hope the new bond with Newt strengthens even more over the coming weeks. Will you gradually separate him from Tor or will it be cold turkey when you think he’s ready?

    1. Frances Post author

      Sadly, cold turkey. Once he is weaned, him and Newt will go over to liradale to join the minions, who they know..

  2. Sam

    Nice to see Newt & Albie working out their roles. Newt makes decisions but Albie gets a lovely heated wind break to nap on. I think both boys will give Tiddles a run for his money in the Spring.

  3. Linda

    Oh, these photos are so SWEET! Since Tor will be leaving, it’s such a great (and timely) thing to see Albie and Newt becoming buddies. And it sounds like their personalities compliment each other perfectly…(and yes, won’t it be interesting to see how they interact with Tiddles?


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