Eight Days Later

Gypsy and Gina have been with us for eight days (remember we picked them up last Friday from Yell on behalf of the SSPCA?)

Yesterday, the vet came to microchip them, look at their teeth (rasping was necessary) and generally give them an “MOT and service”.

It all went fine and I let the girls stay around the house afterwards to enjoy the brief winter sun on their backs.

As I write this, I am not sure of Gina and Gypsy’s future.  I am only looking after them on behalf of the SSPCA while the important decisions are being made.  They are not Thordale ponies.

They are easy enough to have around.  Nice girls.  Gina is fed twice a day and mostly has a rug on (if weather dictates) while Gypsy gets silage.  Every day I work on her catching and leading skills.  It didn’t take long for her to learn and now I can go up to her in the field with a carrot and put on a headcollar so that is all positive.

We will see what happens.  I am not making the decisions.

9 thoughts on “Eight Days Later

  1. Tristan

    I am hoping the SSPCA makes some good decisions for these ponies. The SPCA in my home region made a very poor decision in allowing a friend of mine to keep her cat despite the hoarding conditions, her allowing the food to get moldy, and leaving water unchanged until the SPCA guy came around every month or so, allowing bugs to accumulate. It makes me sad when an organization dedicated to the well-being of animals makes poor or bad decisions.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    It would be good if the SSPCA could find a caring home so the girls can stay together. It always seems so sad when oldies have to cope with change. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome.

  3. Mary Neill

    Dear Thorndale family,
    I admire you all so much. I have with great pleasure followed your blog for a long while . Your care the two ponies Gypsy and Gina is wonderful. They look a million times better and happier. I follow your family everyday and each and everyone is special. Thank you for sharing them. Being a widow living alone with my little dog I envy your energy and generous spirit.
    thank you again,
    Mary Neill

  4. Louise Stopford

    Oh – I thought that they were staying with you for good. They so deserve to have a happy life in their twilight years (couldn’t you keep them?) I agree, they do look better already, such sweet faces. Really hope that all goes well for those girls.


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