Food Please

Today Floss and I felt like the security guards you get at large concerts.   The ones with their backs to the stage who are there to stop the crowds climbing onto the stage.

We were feeding Kappi, Dreki, Taktur and Efstur their feed before going out into the wild outdoors.

Everyone has different dietary needs so each has to stick to their own bucket.

It is a spectator sport.  Klængur and his friends, Iacs and Haakon, had eaten earlier.

But, still, food is food, whoever has it and memories are very short these days.

Anyway, the calories were dished out and then everyone went back out into the filthy weather with their internal furnaces restoked.  This is what keeps them warm.

Meanwhile, in Lambie-Land…..

I walked past this little cloud of misery.

Like many when feeling ill (think man-flu), Lambie has taken to his bed in a big way.  His only friend is a chicken.

And the struggle is real if you are Lambie.  Luckily, though, he has managed to live the day and to be fair, the weather is so vile, no one wants to be outside anyway.  I just love his little face poking out.  That’s Lambie’s spot, that is.

And yes, I posted a ginger biccie in the slot He cheered up after that!



3 thoughts on “Food Please

  1. Cathy

    He really does look very subdued and offended, I do hope he’s ok, and just holding out for ginger biscuits.

    Love the photos of Iacs and Haakon, they could almost be twins.


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