The Meaning of DNA

DNA – what does that stand for?

Silver will tell you that it is DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, because he knows these things.


Storm will tell you that it actually stands for “Do Not Ask”.


I was asked for some hair samples (with follicles) from various horses and ponies at Thordale for a research project.


Storm was on the list and he was not impressed.  Not impressed at all.  His tail was not letting cooperating and just broke off so I had to have a few attempts. First, he tried little bucks and then he wound himself up into a furious passion.  He trotted madly round refusing to go near me ever again (he does trot very prettily when he is wound up).  I coaxed him down from his cloud of insanity with a large carrot which he nervously ate while I held it for him like a lollipop.

Then, feeling utterly guilty for creating this awful scenario, I sat down with Storm and he fell asleep resting his head on my hair.


Waffle wandered over and put his nose in my right ear…..


While Tiddles completed the trio with his nose resting on the nape of my neck.


Add two sheep and a dog and you almost have the complete set.


Still, I think we are friends now and I have spent most of today apologising profusely.


So now you know what DNA actually stands for – DO NOT ASK!


The others were absolutely fine about it.  Just Storm because he is emotional and his follicles are speshul!

3 thoughts on “The Meaning of DNA

  1. Sam

    DNA is Do Not Attempt in Waffle’s world. Would love to have seen a picture of you as a horse nosy resting stop!


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