The Traditional Christmas Walk

After a good Christmas lunch, we, as a family, always try to go for a walk to get some fresh air and exercise.

So, once we had rendered the kitchen Monster-proof, we all duly set off but there were hill sheep around and ‘Bert was quickly diverted and left us.

‘Ster and Lambie determinedly averted their gaze and said they were coming with us.

It’s ok, I thought, ‘Bert will come home when he wants to but he changed his mind and decided that a Christmas walk with his family was better than chatting up the hill sheep.

We all, man and sheep, strode off on our virtuous Christmas walk.

This walk is a family tradition, though there have been some years when horrific weather has been too bad and we have had to give up before we got past the end of the house – we were blown back in!

BeAnne was a token sheep or were the Boyzens token dogs?  Anyway, something smelled nice. Her Maj is wearing her Christmas kerchief.

I think this was one of our memorable Christmas walks.

I loved it.

4 thoughts on “The Traditional Christmas Walk

  1. Cathy

    Looks like the perfect antidote to Christmas excess! I love the way the sheeple tag along, they obviously feel very much part of the family.


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