The Track

The track is a success – well, half the track if I’m being honest.  It is first part – L-shaped – and the Minions love it.

They are allowed on the track for 12 hours a day and can be seen using it for their Minion Grand National race.


Watching them gallop around makes me smile.

Different parts of the track serve different purposes and I am learning  what I want from my track and what will be permanent. For example, there is water main all along here so I can’t dig that part up!

I found the ponies all asleep the other day with Vitamin on tiger duty.


Vitamin and Fivla are living in the middle bit where all the grass is.  I think they are secretly glad not to be in with the others as they are not into galloping madly everywhere.

This is the bedtime area that the Minions are shut into at night – a small paddock with four hay boxes and little else.

Around 9 p.m. they voluntarily put themselves to bed when I go out with their two soaked haynets and obviously Pepper.

So that’s our routine at the moment.  I will open up the second bit of the track one day but not soon.  What they have seems to be enough and everyone seems happy and well, for the time being though I have learned not to count my chickens because every time I say they are fine, laminitis rears its ugly head.

4 thoughts on “The Track

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I’m so envious, Frances! My little chap would so benefit from a system like this but it’s not an option at the yard where he lives. Fingers crossed for you that it keeps the dreaded laminitis at bay for ever!

    1. Frances Post author

      It is nearly impossible tbh. Every method of control I try, has some miserable outcome eg colic, or mental depression. It is a juggling game and probably much worse down south too.


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