Big Boys In

I went over to Clothie (5 acre croft in the hill) to feed Taktur his special grub.  Usually the others don’t bother him while he is eating, but Kappi and Klængur were in a state of agitation.

I could see Klængur was shaking with the cold and, as it was sleeting, snowing, hailing and raining all at the same time (the official meteorological name for this is Shitting Down), I made the executive decision to get the boys in to dry and get warm.


I hate seeing them like this – so cold that they don’t know what to do with themselves.  I am aware that they are built for this kind of weather and Klængur looks like a small Comtois, but we have had non-stop rain for what feels like months.  The poor chaps have not dried out properly for ages and it is starting to get to them.  I am not prepared to sacrifice Klængur’s mental state so that he can slim down burning his summer fat to stay alive.

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I opened their gate and they all followed me without argument across the scattald (open hill) into the big indoor school.  I put piles of hay down and buckets of water out.  They can stay there for the night to relax and dry out.


Klængur looked immediately happier and was following me everywhere.  I will go and sit with them in a little while.


I have been worried about them and a day off won’t do them any harm.


When they go again ready to do battle against the elements, they will be dry, warm and happier.


5 thoughts on “Big Boys In

  1. Jean Ward

    Hi Frances
    My field looks like this too and I have to go through a loch to get up my drive. In 16 years this is the worst it’s been. Hope you and yours are all well and I may see you sometime when I’m in Shetland.

  2. pat

    What’s a Comtois? So glad they’re in and warm and dry in this nasty weather. Enough is enough!

    It’ll be spring soon…pastures will be drying and greening up and all will be well again.

    Is Taktur’s bride getting a little fat? Fingers crossed for a healthy foal.


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