The Storm and The Calm

So this was the 1st of February (last Thursday) – the weather was just vile, blowing a gale.

Good waves, though.

We all sat in utter misery, candles and headtorches at the ready – our electricity supply can be sporadic this time of year – I guess those hamsters can get blown off their wheels!

(having said that there is nothing like the scream of anguish of someone (preferably a daughter) caught in the shower during a powercut for good family entertainment – don’t judge me!)

Today, however, is different.  It is beautifully calm.  Not a zephyr.

I indulged and had a little drive around finding the wonderful Shetland winter colours.

Seeing the mist rise off the sea  makes me believe somewhere out there is Spring.

It was almost unnaturally calm today.

Still, there is the retreating ice on the lochs.  Because of the recent clear winter skies, temperatures at night have fallen below freezing point.

A windless Shetland winter’s day is a rare but valuable experience.

Because when it blows, it truly blows!

11 thoughts on “The Storm and The Calm

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Have you thought of submitting any of your photographs for the Country File calendar? They’re certainly more than good enough!

    1. Frances Post author

      Nah. They are barely average, they want action shots.

      The two tourist groups here are not even interested in my blog, let alone my photography! The icelandic lot aren’t either!

      1. Judi

        Has to be more to it than than Frances, your images are outstanding. But we all know the photographic world is full of jealous little people guarding their own bit of turf. I think you so much have the last laugh, because Thordale is followed internationally whilst most have never even looked at the ‘tourist groups’.

  2. Sam

    The tourist board is bonkers to not use your shots. Glad the Little Big Boys are having a mid-winter break around the house. I worry that they would get stuck in deep mud.

  3. Terri

    I agree with what Judi said. In addition to the competitiveness of photographers, perhaps the tourist groups disdain your work because you are not a born Shetlander? I love your photos. — they have “soul.”


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