Icelandic Names

Lítið mjúkt nef – Little Soft Nose


Huginn – from Old Norse “thought” – his grandfather is Hugi frá Hafsteinsstöðum




Bjartur: light red, old man’s name


Bjarmi: ray of light, chestnut horse


Gimsteinn: gem stone


Glóinn: the glowing one


Sprækur: lively, energetic

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Norðri: from the north

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Flugar: wing

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Neisti: spark


Flinkur: clever, skillful


Now, I do like that!

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Very much.

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His name will come.  It will suit him.  We just have to wait until it arrives and then we will know.


(I think you can guess where I spent my morning)

On another note, we are now five testicles less at Thordale.  Tiddles was gelded.  Lambie was successfully castrated but sadly Lambert was not.  He has a retained testicle lurking somewhere so he needs a general anaesthetic and laparotomy.  Hopefully the vets will locate the errant ball and remove it.  All the boys were very good and I am glad it has been done.  A necessity that needed doing.  So fingers crossed for Lambert.  We will attempt this in ten days.

I know, I know, why would I waste my money on a GA for a sheep, but Lambert is Lambie’s best friend and they are my responsibility.  A monorchid sheep is a liability when you live in the middle of the scattald (open hill).  So, it will be done because that is what needs to happen.

So all the boys are walking a bit funny around Thordale today!

11 thoughts on “Icelandic Names

  1. Frances Post author

    Standing up, looking miserable but in the shed with Storm, who is much happier he is minus his balls!

  2. Pat

    So what is Icelandic for fabulously gorgeous, handsome, and cute as a button? Is there a word for stud-muffin (which he wil be in about two years.) How about Hunk?

    Failing that, how about “eyelashes to die for!”

    Adorable colt. His mom and dad did a wonderful job.


  3. Linda

    Here I am drooling over the sheer cuteness factor of “the baby” and you finish the post with such a funny ending: “all the boys are walking a bit funny around Thordale today” !

  4. SVicino

    Beautiful baby horse.
    Maybe Lambert only had one testicle, just a thought. Could they look with ultrasound before the deed?

  5. Jean Ward

    Gorgeous peedie foal – as you say, Frances, his name will come. If I’m up north I’ll give you a shout. Hol plans on hold due to surgery on a finger which went a bit awry. Jean


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