The Road to Recovery

Well yesterday was, errr, interesting and hopefully I am back with the living again.  I waited my statutory 24 hours post-procedure non-driving rule and hopped into the car with BeAnne to go and see the bebbies.

Jo had reported previously that they were beginning to show signs of activity.  Please refer to the tiny dots on the horizon in the films scampering about.

This is a very good sign and I could see for myself that these two little friends would only walk together if they could play – like boys in the school corridor constantly irritating or buzzing each other.


Silver doesn’t appear to play.  He likes his own company and will spend many hours eating.


I managed to rattle the fence when I climbed over it into their field which sent Torbjorn scampering off.


This is a typical Storm face.  He always looks worried and had no courage of his convictions to start with.  He has, however, become bolder and taken to telling Torbjorn off if he is hogging all the attention.  He is finding himself. An absolute darling.


Silver is more aloof from us.  He is happy enough but doesn’t seem to need people.  We are just a means to an end.  FOOD.


Torbjorn – he is interested in everything.  Although he is a very serious little chap (always has been according to his breeder), he is very people orientated.  He loves me to kiss his nose over and over again and stands nearby so that I will do this.


Their coats are getting better and doing their job too.

BN2A0496 BN2A0498

They have come along way in these past few weeks.  There is a real difference as their personalities are beginning to emerge.

7 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery

  1. Jen Breese

    Yay that you have returned to us, the internet. 😉 I hope you are feeling better. I adored watching the bebbies play. It is uplifting!

  2. Linda

    Most awesome footage! It is uplifting indeed, first you being up and around to see them and then, seeing them so lively! Yay Storm! I was worried for him. I believe they will never feel as poorly as they did BFJ (before Frances & Jo). Betting on Silver to come around a little more too. What a great post.

  3. Judy

    ??????? whats going on???? I have been away in NZ my other home. Are you ok? What is with bebbies??? Is this slang? or Scottish haha. Hope you are ok xx

  4. Cate

    Glad you’re back and hope all will be well. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the bebbies’ progress–what a transformation!! What wee darlings they are—I must confess to a soft spot for Storm with his snowball nosey! Frances, you have a remarkable gift for capturing their personalities and expressions in your photos. 😀


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