Spring has sprung


Nick here again – Frances is likely unconscious about now. It’s a lovely spring morning, so I took my camera out…

IMG_6233The daffodils were smiling…

IMG_6238 IMG_6237But what’s that in the distance?

IMG_6186It’s getting nearer…

IMG_6189Looks vaguely dog-shaped…

IMG_6192It’s a Danny!

IMG_6196He loves his ball…

IMG_6199 IMG_6206 IMG_6183But as soon as he sees another dog, he’s off…


Ball? What ball?




5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. Sam

    So very nice to see someone has a Spring! Here in North East USA, we still have 18″ of snow on the ground and arctic temps. My snowdrops really, really want to come up! Thanks for sharing Danny and Spring with us!

  2. Cate

    Oh to be in England, or anywhere in Britain for that matter. I am so missing your beautiful leisurely spring now…..we still have five feet of snow in our yard here in north-eastern Canada. Bah.

  3. Nick Post author

    I should point out this is a rare spring day – recently it has been almost relentlessly wet.


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