There is a thing going round Facebook called #NeighNominations.  Unbeknownst to me, I was NeighNominated.

The gist is (I think) that, once nominated, you put up a photo of your favourite horse that has taught you so much or you love(d) more than life itself, write a bit of blurb and then you NeighNominated three more people who have 24 hours in which to put up their photo of their favourite horse, yada, yada…….. and so onwards the chain goes.

I am not a fan of chain stuff but this was a nice idea and so I thought I would participate.

Feeling particularly wafty and generous about Haakon, I put up a favourite photo of mine that Daisy took where we look young and in love.  (It was taken quite a few years back, I might add)


Everyone duly oooh-ed and ahhhh-ed and I felt like a fraud.  Neither of us look like that anymore.  So phone camera in hand, I decided to catch my old knacker and take a more realistic photo of us together.

The Results (and these are the best of a very bad bunch)

Rejected – me = triple chin, Haakon = mad eyes, ears back, uncooperative.


Rejected – Me = slightly less triple chins, Haakon now looks bored and half asleep.


Rejected – too blurry and we look like we are having a discussion about this posing business (we are)


Well, vaguely ok, but Haakon hardly looks like he has any relationship with me.  More like his hay net (he’d probably nominate that)


BeAnne gets in on the act.  I look “wonky”.  She looks like a parrot.


Rejected – Blurred parrot and blurred me and wrong animal anyway.


Rejected – my neck looks like a turtle and BeAnne looks like she loathes me and is there under duress.


Another bored parrot shot


Last one after a ride.  Oh gosh, we all look awful now.  My chins are contained by a helmet strap too.


I have totally given up at this stage.   The pair of them can nominate each other.


2 thoughts on “#NeighNominations

  1. Michelle

    I suspect if you staged a current photo from the same angle, with both of you dressed in the same summer clothes, no one would be able to tell the difference!


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