The Ravening Hordes

Today was broadly similar to yesterday, in that the weather is still terrible, and very little happened. I brought some carrots up to the boys, and was soon their new favourite person, for around 5 minutes anyway.


Klaengur was first to spot the bag and came hurrying down to be first in line.


Mr Bimble quickly followed him, and I soon had to fend off two rummaging noses away from the bag.


The two then bickered until they noticed I was walking away, and promptly fell in either side of me to ‘escort’ me to see Haakon – trying to snatch at the bag all the way. I tried to get a picture, but fending off one and taking a picture of the other proved impossible.

Klaengur soon started to irritate Haakon after I gave him his ration. The latter was disgusted.


I decided to leave them to it, and set off in search of Taktur, who was nowhere to be seen.


The first black blob in the distance turned out to be a sheep. However, I eventually spotted him doing his best Heathcliff impression: dark, mysterious and brooding.


This was soon abandoned as he worked out why I might be there.


As opposed to the others, Taktur appeared to have some sense of manners and personal space, instead of demanding the next piece two seconds after the last. As I turned around on the way back to the others, however, I found he had attached himself to my back.


Jack is trotting around grumbling and growling to himself as usual. Earlier he got stuck on the sofa, unable to get down until Richard picked him up, snarling all the way. We don’t think he’s looking too good at the moment.


Once again, I’m so sorry that these posts are so dull. I don’t really have any other pictures left, and it was either this or a review of the books I’ve been reading. It was a close decision at any rate.

Haven’t heard anything from Mum, but I assume she’s ok. She has two seasons of Game of Thrones to watch at least. Daisy phoned and is still stuck down in Wales with her class. No power, internet, and getting up before 5am. Sounds wonderful.

4 thoughts on “The Ravening Hordes

  1. Kim

    Love the Heathcliff reference. Your posts aren’t dull, they’re interesting—and I’d find a review of your books most fascinating.

  2. Cate

    Dull? No way! You’re in Shetland, which in itself is exotic in spades! Loving Taktur as Heathcliff—speaking of whom, would also be interested to know what you’re reading as I always love to know what anyone’s reading, being an avid bibliophile myself. Keep up the good posts. 🙂

  3. Sam

    Dull is spending the day in a windowless cubicle on accounting. So let’s have the book review. And hope Jack is feeling better. And “Heathcliff” is dead on.


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