Whizzy Ponies

We did everything first thing this morning.  Bad weather was imminent so Floss and I fed and rugged those that needed, and dished out silage to those that didn’t.  A quick cup of tea and onwards to the Minion field to distribute the daily carrot.

Lots of rain was forecast.

More carrot  ….

Please …

Pretty please, so very hungry and small and cute. Don’t forget cute …….

This is my serious face and I know where you live.  Remember Newt’s Book of Revenge. Well, you’re in it if no carrot appears in 10 seconds.  10, 9, 8, 7 ……. I can wait all day if necessary.

The others were in a wonderful silly-billy mood.  They sniggered, farted and galloped about.

Bad weather means nothing to them.

I had a few nose kisseys as the Minions whizzed off.

There a lot of whizzing today.

Excuse me, still waiting – no pressure, just saying. I am going nowhere until the carrot appears.  You definitely have a spare in your pocket.  It is mine.

6 thoughts on “Whizzy Ponies

  1. Sam

    We call this Zoomies – when critters run past and giggle. As for that errant carrot…that Book of Revenge is NOT getting smaller…..and Cute deserves a Newt and Carrot.

  2. Linda Loba

    Well, in that first photo of Tiddles, he looks rather concerned about the weather (just kidding), and who knew Newt was going to turn out to be so stubborn? After all, he’s just a wee little pony (he told me to tell you that)

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Well……after all that, did you give him an extra carrot????
    It’s starting to rain here too – through the weekend, which will make all the people here for the AT&T Golf Tournament thrilled. Too many darn people who don’t know (a) where they’re going and (b) how to drive, even if they knew! And, they wear the silliest clothes – does no one check the weather for down here.

  4. Terri

    He forgot “Pretty please with sugar on it!” — that always makes me cave. How could you resist such a woolly wee face as Newt’s? But I know you don’t play favorites (which is of course right). They are all so happy today! Perhaps the weather invigorates them? Batten the hatches, hunker down, and stay warm!


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