The Old Farts

Morning duties start first light. We are at the stage when we make the most of every hour.

And, although I am not responsible for feeding the Old Fogeys (Haakon, Bibble and Kolka – I delegated this to OH), I go and see them once I have finished feeding my lot.  I like to check everyone can walk, talk and eat with no problems.

I had in my pocketses three Pasture Cookies – always guaranteed to be a success but first, I had to play “spot the horse”.

Some were easier than others to find.

The cookies went down well.

It was a fair distribution.

And everyone is looking very well.  They’re all beginning to slim down a bit, which is the intention and no bad thing. This is what winter is for and let’s be honest, everyone has some to lose.

There will be no calorific food until I can feel ribs but there is still plenty of grass around so I think that might be a while, if ever.

Anyway, the Old Farts are all fine.

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