Starting the Morning

This morning (and possibly every morning) the Minions all came rushing over for their breakfast.

Vitamin at the lead and Fivla at the back – she has been slow her entire life.

Heads down and eat!

Silver finished first – he always does – and therefore exerted his rights to “clean the bowl” (well, that’s what we say when anyone is making a cake in this family).

Vitamin and Fivla have their own versions of breakfast and Pepper, who has to come too, supervises everyone, clearing up as she goes along.

I love how Vitamin doesn’t mind in the slightest.  Trust is a two-way thing.

The Minons swap around once they’ve mostly finished and it is pretty much without argument.


Though, sometimes Newt (all 26″) has a rather bouncy bottom.

Albie, who is always bullied off his bowl first, comes to me for a chat and a complain.  I give him a hug and tell him that he’s probably had enough anyway.

Pepper adds her sympathies.

Everyone gets a visit from Pepper except for Silver, if he is in one of his stamping-dog moods.

And then on the neighbouring croft, someone was backing their trailer into the yard, and everyone had to rush off to watch and give their opinion.  I picked up the empty buckets, tipped the bowls and Pepper and I went home.

3 thoughts on “Starting the Morning

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Yet again you bring us such beautiful photographs; It is a pleasure to see such happy and clearly well-fed ponies. But those guys who just gorgeous I love the sunrise photo. And it’s particularly adorable your last photo of all the minions heading away.


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