The Last of the Leaflets

OH and I still had a few more leaflets to deliver on our round so yesterday morning we set out  with me driving and OH hopping in and out of the car with bits of paper to talk to any folk he could find, or trying to find the house letter-box, which is not an easy task here as most houses don’t have a letter-box!

While he did all this, I turned the car around ready to drive to the next house and waited enjoying the spectacular Shetland scenery.

It really was a lovely morning and we finished the rest of the houses quite quickly.  So job done.  Now for the meeting on Thursday and we will see what the Scottish Government representative has to say for himself.


4 thoughts on “The Last of the Leaflets

  1. Sherry Walter

    Truly hope it works out for you, we recently got fiber here in our rural area and it’s been a world of difference.


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