The Minions

The Minions have not been forgotten, just left to their own devices, which is fairly dangerous but I am a trusting type.


As our visitor is on the boat south tonight, we offered her a last Minion Moment.  I love the way Tiddles is standing as if he is trying very hard to be a big boy, a speshul soldier all growed up!


Waffle and Storm could not resist taking off to play.  Note Storm has Waffle’s tail in his mouth.  To be honest, I am surprised any of them have any fur, mane or tail left.


We stood back and watched from a distance as they enjoyed annoying each other.


Playing has increased ten-fold this time of year.  A belly full of grass and feeling warm(ish) results in chasing each other and lots of playing.  You can see them on the horizon zipping past going in one direction and then, seconds later, coming back at full speed.

BN2A1434 BN2A1460


The big boys don’t mind at all and it is good for them to have the Minions in their field.  I think it keeps them grounded and gives everyone a sense of perspective.  Sometimes they all join in or gallop off to start their own games.


It is good to see my boys so happy.



2 thoughts on “The Minions

  1. Terri

    A wonderful herd. You are so lucky to be able to own horses and ponies. You seem to be living the life you love. (Despite the blood/sweat/tears this involves!)


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