The Rotton Ride – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today was windy but possibly the last dry day for a while (rain is forecast for the rest of my life, I think).

Strike while the iron is hot was our phrase of the day so, having given our visitor, Becky, two riding lessons this week in the indoor school, we threw her on Iacs and decided to take her out for a ride in a howling gale. Like you do.


The ride started badly when we immediately found a small hill lamb loudly protesting that he was stuck in the netting of the electric fence (not on).  So Daisy and I jumped off, I took the horses, flung their reins over a fence post, gave Iacs “The Look” (stay put or die) and helped Daisy cut the lambie out of the fence.  He skipped ungratefully off never looking back and Daisy and I remounted.


So we were going along the road, when I looked behind me and decided that one of Becky’s stirrups was shorter than the other.  I am great believer in setting folk up to succeed so I dismounted and stupidly trusted Haakon to wait while I sorted out Becky’s stirrup.


Haakon assessed the situation and buggered off.  It was a rookie mistake by me. This is not the first time he has done this and I should’ve known.


Feeling cross, I sent Daisy/Kappi off to catch Haakon while I walked at Iacs’ head so he wouldn’t go after Daisy.  He has been known.


Haakon was caught and I remounted again and Haakon minced furiously all the way out and all the way back.


But it was a lovely, if windy, ride and we got home safely and in one piece so that, to me, is the very definition of success!


5 thoughts on “The Rotton Ride – A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. Rebecca Final

    It’s funny, but here in Northern California if it’s windy we don’t ride because the horses are more spooky. It looks like you would be sitting home pretty much all the time if you did that. It must be lovely to ride the Icey’s with all that mane blowing around. It just looks like fun.

  2. Jan

    You do well to ride in such awful winds but our climate means you have to just GO and get on with it! Well done

  3. lesley cafferky

    Giggle giggle..I have been there and done that..its fun to ride in the wind, not knowing what the little darlings might think up to do…brought a smile on a dull day as to day !!!

  4. Georgina Officer

    Sorry stumbled in here and loved the ponies what breed are they? They look to big to be Shetlands?


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