The Many Faces

We spent the afternoon, some of us having painted the sitting room, others of us having had a flute lesson, but a few of us taking the dogs for walk while riding the horses and then sitting in the sun with the family.


Perfect bliss.


Apparently, it doesn’t get any better.


It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.


These are the best afternoons.  My kind of heaven.  The animals are around and come up to talk just because they like folk and not because they want food – we don’t bring any.


Now, is this just me or can you see a similarity?


Nah. Just me.  Apparently I am “slightly odd”.


Recently, I have been neglecting Lambie and I feel bad.  He needs his Muzzah and what with orphan foals, dying chicks and painting the house, Lambie has been put on the back burner (not literally – don’t even think it).


Lambie does mind not being the centre of my attention.


But, he has always been a ‘Muzzah’s boys” – my speshul soldier.


We are imprinted on each other.  I mean, what is not to love?


So, after the painting, flute lesson, riding and dog walking, we had a hug-in.


You may not understand and I may have had gin, but all my animals are family and they all need to know they are loved – very much.

(Even ‘Ster looks like Nigel Farage – oh, the shame!)


7 thoughts on “The Many Faces

  1. Celeste

    But of course we understand! I can’t tell you how much I love your posts when you all are just happy being together. That is indeed heaven on earth. Your ability to understand and describe all of your animals’ behavior is astonishing. I love it!

  2. Linda

    Nah, I think ‘Ster is WAY better looking!

    I think hug-ins are one of the requirements for all living things, right?

  3. Terri

    A perfect day! And your sheep are so intelligent-looking! (Who knew that besides being affectionate, sheep had personalities?) Thank you for describing your Shetland life such that your readers can truly envision it.

  4. Sam

    If we didn’t understand one’s family extends to the animals in your life, why would we read this blog?
    We LOVE your many four legged family members. And who wouldn’t like to spend an afternoon like you did?
    Okay – maybe skip the flute lesson as I haven’t played in decades….


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