We are so smart now.  So very, very smart or, as we say, like “other people”, whoever they are.


Our sitting room is now beautiful.  The walls are all the same colour and we have spent the day rearranging furniture, putting it back, rearranging it again, and then putting it back to almost the same as it ever was, with the only exception being we swapped the grandfather clock for a tallboy.


The pictures are rearranged, re-hung and we now have a theme.  This is the old side of the room – old pictures, old (ish) furniture and furnishings.


The rest, ie the more modern paintings, stuff, etc is in the other half of the room, which has yet to be painted and/or argued over.  It is also OH’s recording studio and home of 11 guitars.


Outside it has been raining nearly all day.  There was the odd interlude when Floss and I leapt outside with food and milk for the foals.  We also checked the herd 4 miles away.  All are fine.


BeAnne is nervous.  It could be the weather – Floss now has a headache and I think there may be a thunderstorm soon.


This or BeAnne is feeling superfluous to the new minimalistic look.


I wish Daisy was here.  She is our interior designer/artist and she would tell us where things should go.  She has good taste.


Daisy comes home on Satuday (hurrah, hurrah) so she can rearrange us all again and then help with the next project…..


I may not have mentioned this to her!



4 thoughts on “Work-in-Progress

  1. Sam

    Isn’t it amazing how painting one room will lead to many more now looking a wee bit shabby? And “Surprise!” to Daisy on her new job as interior decorator! But the front room looks lovely.


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