Mess and Kisses

I have finally put my foot down.  You may, or may not know, that I live with a very talented interior (and exterior) decorator – my Other Half or OH.   His work is legendary and some of the best homes (and the odd dodgy one) feature his unique decorating skills.

But living with a professional decorator, means that we are always last on the list.  Cobbler’s Children and all that.  I made a huge fuss and now we are at the top of the list. I want my house painted from “mould-cream” to “no-mould-cream”.  Is that too much to ask?


Floss and I are prepared to help and, apparently, it is all in the preparation.  Is it so wrong to paint over the dust/dirt.  Can’t we call it texture.  Apparently not.  Who knew?


So we have been cleaning, washing and vacuuming the walls, like you do.


Everything has been piled into boxes and dumped into any empty(ish) space.


I think this is called work-in-progress or mess, in my world.


The prep has been done and tomorrow is painting.  I don’t know if we are painting using brushes or rollers or terrier.


For time off today, Floss and I walked the dogs – we took them on a ride and then we had to do our statutory foal taming.

Such a chore.


These two darling boys are beginning to find their own identities and independence, as well as a very strong bond.


A week on from their arrival at Thordale and I am so proud of the orphan foal, Brisk.  He is now part of a strange, but working, little family.

However, Camus is obsessed with ‘Ster. Now that is a bit odd.


11 thoughts on “Mess and Kisses

  1. Linda

    Good for you on your interior decorating! (I have such a hard time with the mess, I tend not to change much around the house…you are so brave)

    Hooray for Brisk – family is family, right? (Besides it looks like Camus has other things/sheep on his mind, maybe Brisk can sneak in some special time with his adopted mom?)

    The two foals are too cute for words…

  2. Terri

    My smile of the day! Oh, the joys of painting — turn a blind eye to the mess — soon it will be sparkly clean! So happy the new little equine family is functioning well. How fortunate Brisk is to have landed with you! (are you sure you won’t keep him?)

  3. Linda K

    That’s what I hate about decorating, the shambles you have to live in while you’re doing it. A bit like spring cleaning. I’m glad that Brisk has settled into his adoptive family. I was worried he might be missing his Mum.

  4. Judith

    I so love hearing about the critters and your family and all things Shetland. And now I’m intrigued about your house. The walls and deep window sills caught my eye. How old is the house? How is it constructed?

  5. Frances Post author

    The house is old. Probably over 100 years. A traditional crofthouse. It is made of large chunks of stone all the way through cemented together. When I had the house restored, it was almost derelict before, I had the harling stripped off, and the stone pin and pointed, it more cement to fill in any gaps, and put it back so its original stone was showing.

  6. Sam

    As a Costume Designer, my wardrobe is a dodgy mess. So I understand the “bottom of the list” problem. And painting always seems to need more moving of things then one remembers…
    I wonder of Ster has moved from LambDog to LambPony and that is why Camus is in love?


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