New Regime

Right, this is my new Regime.

The big boys go inside during the day or night (depending on which is the worst weather).


When they come in for 12 hours, they can dry off, have hay and go out round the house if they want.  They are also now being fed as all this rain is taking its toll.  OH has kindly offered (been requested) to poo-pick as well as this is one job too many for me and my back.


The Minions have their little shed, which they love.


It has masses of hay, a nice rubber matting floor and those that need get dry rugs every day.

(and yes, my house does resemble Widow Twankey’s laundrette with wet rugs draped over chairs trying to dry and the smell of horse has pervaded everything)


The Minions can come and go when they want. I encourage them to eat outside and to keep going outside to be proper Shetland ponies.


They have had some dry-ish days and we are back to rain again for the foreseeable.



I do think everyone gets very bored of being completely soaked through, never having any chance to dry out or to warm up.

L1140220   L1140233 L1140236   L1140240

At least if everyone has access to a shed for a while during the day or night, they can make their own choices as to where they want to live.


Sadly, Iacs will not be making any choices.  A new abscess has appeared so he is back in the shed with a poultice and Klaengur to keep him company.


2 thoughts on “New Regime

  1. jan

    Hi Frances. Great photos as usual. I am on a cruise ship heading for Oman in UAE..I saw a guy with a Shetland tee shirt on with pics of fivla and vitamin! He has good taste. Healing vibes for Iacs.


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