The Laydees Moved

Taktur’s “Laydee-Girls”, Hetja and Brá, have finally been moved from Thordale.  They don’t need to be here as they are hopefully pregnant.

So, we easily caught and loaded them into the van.  These two always travel very well together.

Once in their new field – the haypark a few fields away from the Minions – Daisy and I put in water buckets for a daily fresh water supply.  Like the Minions, these girls will be checked daily.

The haypark was cut for silage a few weeks’ back and it is perfect for two fat potentially preggie ladies.

They also have neighbours – some Shetland pony mares.

Hetja soon spied the locals and instantly loathed them.  She has an irrational hatred for Shetland ponies so we are hoping she won’t bother herself with these “little people”.

They, on the other hoof, want to be bothered with Hetja and Brá.   Hopefully they will soon get bored.

Both Hetja and Brá have not come back into season so maybe there will be the clip-clop of tiny hooves next year in June sometime.  I have written down all the details in the diary so I can work it out nearer the time.

Exciting times ahead.  They do both have the loveliest foals.

5 thoughts on “The Laydees Moved

  1. Louise Stopford

    I sort of feel sorry for Hetja and Bra if they are pregnant again. It seems only 2 minutes ago since the birth of Lilja and Dreki. How many foals have they had? Loved your movie – those girls certainly look very well indeed.

    1. Frances Post author

      They had a year off. Hetja has not had lots of foals. This is her 3rd. Bra has had a few more. Hetja loves bebbies and the whole being pregnant thing.


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