I dreaded going to see Vitamin today. If she hadn’t improved, I was going to seriously think about our next step for her.

So I steeled myself up, took the bucket (deciding to keep it “normal”, ie food Vitamin had been eating before all this started rather than trying out new things).  I didn’t try to catch her. I just called her to her little shed, put the bucket down and walked away leaving her to herself. Like I used to.

So she ate…….. and I cried with relief.

I was standing guard at the door where I had visitors.

Floss was guarding Fivla from marauders.


She also had the bag of carrots, carefully chopped into edible shapes for old ladies.  The marauders were then happy.

After Vitamin finished (there was only a tiny bit left), Vitamin walked to the door where I was standing and I offered her the carrot which she happily scoffed, caught her (there really was no escape), and quickly gave her the injection, which she hated.  Luckily Storm had barged in to finish the bucket and I used him as safety while she threatened to kick (that injection must sting). I washed out her mouth (literally and physically!) and gave her the painkillers.

You know how relieved I feel.  I think we have bought ourselves a little more time.


10 thoughts on “Eating

  1. Gail

    I do know that blessed relief when they finally eat. So happy for Vitamin, and for you. I will continue to hold her close

  2. Louise Stopford

    That’s great news Frances. I feel relief for you. Starting to eat again is such a good sign and with the spring weather on the way, I am sure Vitamin will feel more like her old self again. Everything is crossed here in Cheshire.

  3. Judi

    Lovely news Frances. Her mouth must be healing well after the dental work and the tooth out – and the ‘shots’ doing their job..


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