Gratitude and Ingratitude

After the dog walk, I went to sit down in the field with my sheep.

Lambie was looking particularly endearing so I was hopeful he would come up and chat.

To start with, Pepper sat with him.

And ‘Ster came up to tell me how much he loved me.

He is always very huggy and can get quite pushy about it too.

Lambie eventually wandered up, as he was feeling left out of the hugging, and then ignored me completely.  Typical.

But my bestest friend today was lovely Edna.

She is just the sweetest old lady.  We rescued her and Madge (possibly her daughter) in January 2020.

I was looking at her old photos on the day of her rescue and it makes me tear up even now and furious at the same time.

Edna and Madge were thrown out into the open hill (common grazing) with their tags ripped out and left to live or die.

That was nearly four years ago. I can’t believe it. I feel like they have always been with me.

I feel honoured to have Edna as my friend.  Madge is still trying.

Folk under-estimate sheep badly. Sheep are affectionate, caring and very, very loyal.

None of this applies to Lambie, though – he is ungrateful, smelly and manipulative but he does have his Winning Smile to fall back on.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude and Ingratitude

  1. Sam

    Lambie is not a “sharing Muzzah”kind of dude. Him and only him or no love at all. I adore the pictures with Edna’s head on your shoulder. She and Madge won the lottery with you.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    It never gets old, seeing these happy animals- especially the rescues. Thank you. I adore them all, but Lambie’s smile just melts my heart

  3. Nancy

    This post lifted my day — Lambie is such a star, that that smile conquers all. Was it really 2020 for Edna and Madge? Seems like much longer – but what a difference for those two. Can relate to Madge still trying – have one here at home in that category. Lovely pictures!


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