A Breakthrough

Apologies for lack of decent/edited photos. The card stopped working…and we can’t work technology.

Frances and her OH are away at a party today. The costume theme was the 1940s in Brazil. These were our reactions to their outfits.

We’ll let your imaginations run wild.


This left Anna and me (Daisy) in charge of the blog and the dogs.

Jo turned up with her snazzy new van, complete with mobile blacksmith station.


She very kindly replaced shoes on Hákon, Iacs and Klaengur. And then had a ride on him to see how much he had changed.


He is so chilled out and loves going round the school. He is so much more responsive now and truly enjoys being ridden.


I had a quick go, while Anna was getting Hammy ready for his big day.


He was started out by being long-reined round the school. You must constantly remind Hammy every time that he has done this before. It sinks in pretty quickly though.


The next step was to attach a block of wood to his traces, that he would then pull round the school. He barely batted an eyelid and took it all in his stride (This is a very big deal for Hammy).


Last, but not least, was the introduction of the cart. After a little bit of hesitation, we made it around the ring twice calmly with the cart on him and Jo holding on to it just in case. We called it a day after that.

L1100878 L1100895

We are so proud of Hammy for reacting so well today. He has truly grown up this year and is turning out to be a lovely pony with huge potential and willingness to learn.

We have to say though, it has been exhausting sometimes…


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