The Introductions

Fences only seem to get in the way when you want to meet new friends.


Little Albie is very keen to meet everyone.


Fivla has become a good second step-mother.  She is slightly more of a motherly friend to Albie than Tor who sees him as her meal ticket she should look after.


Today was the day we have all been waiting for.

And so we let Silver, Storm and Tiddles into the small field containing Tor, Fivla and Albie.  Waffle joined them later. He was busy on the horizon being mysterious.

Silver was sensible – he introduced himself to Tor first and then was allowed to make friends with Albie.



Little Albie was keen to meet everyone new.


He tried to play “Nibble” with Storm who put his ears back.


With that, Tor waded in and gave him both barrels.  No one can speak to her Albie like that.


It was all very interesting to watch.  So much communication and such good behaviour.


Albie was intrigued with Tiddles.  He had met him very briefly (but probably didn’t remember) when he first arrived at Thordale.


I think this could be the beginning of a good friendship.


I hope so.


Tentative little games.


Brave introductions.


Lots of foal mouthing (as it should be).


And Silver discovered Albie’s rump makes a good chin rest!


Well that was easy.  Albie is now a fully paid up Minion.

8 thoughts on “The Introductions

  1. Terri

    I wish I could have witnessed this meet-and-greet in person! (You certainly do have a well-behaved herd, who know their manners and insist on equine etiquette.) Let’s count the good things: Albie becoming a full-fledged Minion, Fivla also mothering Albie, Tor taking her role seriously, Albie and Tiddles possibly becoming fast friends, BeAnne going on a walk yesterday, and ‘Bert returning to the fold — all in all, things are looking up! Now if only you would feel better (including return of your appetite), everything would be just about perfect. Still thinking about you and sending healing vibes! xx

  2. Sam

    So glad to see The Minions Troupe has expanded. Happy that Bert is home and BeAnne is doing better.
    Can’t help wonder what sort of giggling trouble Albie and Tiddles will get into. Could be a wonderful tale.


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