12 thoughts on “The Hungry Horse

  1. Cee Pluse

    This is so ingenious! I’m sure my horse Nick would approve, should you decide to cross the Atlantic and set up shop somewhere in the US desert southwest. For myself, I would like to request the sheep menu, please! (I’m hoping ginger biscuits feature prominently.) Have a lovely day!

  2. Linda Kirk

    Love it! Very clever. I’d go for the Old Bag Heaven myself.
    Good reviews? A source (Lija) did tell me that the service was too slow and the portions too small and only awards it two stars.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    I’m not the first, but agree ——Sheep’s Menu, please. Off to have the BEST clam chowder in these parts and pick up some of the best cheeses. Harry’s gone, so I can indulge a bit. All the Roaring Forties will be mine!


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