The Gods Have Smiled. We are Blessed

Last night was rough in every sense but BeAnne was a star.  She stayed in her bed, neither pee’ed nor pooed from 15:00 to 08:00 (17 hours – wow!).  When we disembarked, I drove to a nice grassy place by the River Don and we took BeAnne for a little wander. She pee’ed for at least 20 elephants (seconds) and then poo’ed.  What a wonderfully good little dog.

And so we drove to Stirling via Tesco, Dundee and arrived in good time.  BeAnne’s appointment was at 12:00 at Broadley’s Veterinary Hospital and we were exhausted. I may have had a little sleep in the waiting room.

Professor Jacques Penderis, BeAnne’s vet, asked questions, thoroughly examined BeAnne and watched her gait.  He then told us what the outcome could be…

A brain tumour
A brain bleed
A stroke
A slipped disk

We handed BeAnne over with huge trepidation and were told to phone at 17:00 if we had heard nothing.

Without BeAnne, we went and checked into our hotel and had some lunch.

And so we have sat for what seems like days waiting.  At 16:30 BeAnne’s Prof phoned with the best news.

BeAnne has a traumatic disc extrusion (ie an acute extrusion of a non degenerative disc) at C2-C3.  This requires no surgery and she is now off bedrest.  She can have gentle exercise on soft ground and will probably get 95% of little self back although she may always have a slight right sided weakness (BeAnne’s new unique wiggle).


We are all very relieved.  The boat home is booked for tomorrow and, according to Magic Seaweed, it looks like a calm crossing.

Thank you everyone for your healing prayers, vibes, thoughts and kindness.  You have no idea how your support and love helps.  I am sure BeAnne knew too.

Daisy and I are exhausted.  We will collect BeAnne tomorrow at 10:30.  We can’t wait to see her little smiling happy face and then we go home.

Phew. xx

🚑 ⛴ 🐶 🐾 🚑 ⛴ 🐶 🐾 🚑 ⛴ 🐶 🐾 🚑 ⛴ 🐶 🐾

27 thoughts on “The Gods Have Smiled. We are Blessed

  1. Linda

    SUCH WONDERFUL, TERRIFIC NEWS! I am overjoyed for BeAnn, you, and Daisy!!
    You’ll soon be home, get your needed rest and BeAnn will heal.

    (I had the same thing between L4/L5) and 20 years later I can say I’m fine, but as you mentioned, a little weirdness on the right side…) 🙂

  2. Elizabeth

    welling up all over again….. gulp, sniff….
    so happy, thank the Gods, thanks to Mother Earth…
    safe and happy journey home,
    let all go well…
    cannot wait till a post tomorrow to say ye are all home safe and sound…

  3. Mairead

    Hooray! I was thinking of you all at lunchtime today and wondering how things were going. Have a safe journey back tomorrow.

  4. Judith Garbutt

    I hope the return journey is a smooth and uneventful one and that BeAnne makes rapid progress once she’s home. You must be exhausted, Francis! I hope your health has not taken another knock as a result of the recent traumas. xx

  5. Carol E

    Oh, happy tears of relief! I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for days. Lucky BeAnne to have such a family! I hope all three of you sleep soundly on the way home.

  6. Terri

    YAY, doing a lil happy dance! And how blessed BeAnne is to have an owner and BFF such as you! I hope you can now focus on your own healing. xx

  7. Susan

    The best news I could have woken up to. I am so thrilled to hear the good news. Hugs and kisses to Her Maj and best wishes for a speedy recovery. . Now home and rest for all of you. xxx

  8. Nancy

    YAAAAY!! So glad that in time, BeAnne will be back to herself!!
    Thank goodness for that!!
    I wish you a safe trip home tomorrow, too!!


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