Sur le Bateau

Well, we made it.  Finally going back home on the boat.


Darling little BeAnne is in our cabin after the now predictable fight through dog border patrol.  Rude doesn’t even go there to describe how horrid the Northlink boat staff are.  I told them they had more chance of Daisy peeing in the cabin than BeAnne.  The crew member turned his back on us, walked away and said nothing.



I am convinced they received a full refund from Charm School. This is the second time that Northlink seem incapable of communication with their own staff on shoreside, who knew all about BeAnne and her requirements.

It is very disappointing especially when someone is overstressed and travelling with sick dog .  The Northlink crew totally fail to recognise this is out of necessity rather than need.  The existence of the letter from the vet was doubted at every point yet again.  What the hell do they want?

Anywho, we did it. Next stop home and let’s hope we never have to do this again.  Just dealing with the boat crew is stressful enough.

BeAnne is settled and we all can’t wait to get home.




13 thoughts on “Sur le Bateau

  1. Karen

    Well done for battling through. Very impressed that you can post from the boat. We struggle with the wifi link when we are on and have zero phone signal. Hope the crossing is more pleasant this time.

  2. Terri

    Sorry you and Daisy had to jump through so many bateau-related logistics hoops to get home, but just look at that photo of BeAnne’s sweet and trusting face — she is so grateful! Sleep well at home, all of you!

  3. Linda

    Now who could possibly resist a face like BeAnn’s? Heartless!
    (And good for you, pushing through against all the unnecessary red tape.)

  4. Beth Heath

    So glad things turned out well. Obviously, letters need to be written to Northlink and, possibly, The Paper. for the second day, your post has not appeared on my facebook. At least, I know how to track it down. Again, very happy about your Little Darling.

  5. Linda K

    How horrible, just what you don’t need. You definitely should complain. Lovely picture of BeAnne, she’ll be so glad to be home..

  6. Nancy

    I would definitely send them a letter or email once you get back home and get settled.
    What a horrible experience to go through when you have more important things to worry about!
    Glad to hear that you are on the way home, that is all that matters! =)
    Love and hugs to BeAnne and you two as well!

  7. Highmac

    So glad you’ve got a happy, healthier dog back

    Can this be the same NorthLink Ferries you used?
    [quote]Our Customer Care Mission Statement
    NorthLink Ferries will provide exceptional customer care and service to the individuals, businesses, organisations and communities which depend on its services and it will demonstrate transparency in all aspects of its operations.[/quote]
    Speaking of links… Here’s the customer feedback addy

  8. Sam

    Glad to see you all in the same cabin – for shame on Northlink Staff!!! Do they have any idea how many people read your post? And BeAnne looks lovely on her Icelandic sweater.


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