On the boat south

Daisy and packed up the car with all our and BeAnne’s possessions.  And then we added the kitchen sink because you just never know.

It is now nearly midnight as I lie in my bunk and tap out this blog with one finger.  BeAnne is between us asleep in her huge dog bed that Daisy lugged up to our cabin. BeAnne is probably dreaming about food or peeing.


Despite knowing and confirming with Northlink that there is a letter from my vet requesting that BeAnne can stay in our cabin, every crew member we have met on board has denied all knowledge of its existence.  They started by wanting her in a cage in our cabin so I said this had never been mentioned in my confirmation phone call with one of their staff this morning.  I said we had a cage and that BeAnne could travel in it but she would be very distressed.  They didn’t budge until I also said they could carry it up from the car.  By this stage they were also denying any knowledge of their collegue who I had spoken to earlier this morning.But, once they saw Daisy lugging up BeAnne’s huge dog bed, they calmed down slightly.

We took BeAnne to the “Smoking Deck” to pee where she refused point blank.  Each time we met a crew member we went though the same interrogation process of the kennels were over there, no, she wasn’t going in a kennel, yes the captain does know about this and yes, we have a letter from the vet. Enroute, we met a lovely lady boarding who was nearly in tears thinking BeAnne would spend the night in the kennels. I reassured her that she was in our cabin and the lady left us muttering “oh, thank god, the poor wee mite”.

Now the boat is crashing, whilst rolling and pitching.  It creaks in the gale we are sailing through but I put my trust in her that we reach our destination, if late.  The captain said we might be because of the Force 9 we are ploughing through.


Luckily i I thought to phone the vet surgery in Stirling before we left to warn them we might be late and to also ask if BeAnne should be nil by mouth as she was immediately having her scan upon our arrival and would be under general anaesthetic. Yes was the answer but she can have small amounts of water.

We can do this. We will do this.  My new family motto is Whatever it Takes or Faciam quodlibet quod necesse est or 想方设法



6 thoughts on “On the boat south

  1. Susan

    God bless youl, thinking of you all and hoping for a positive outcome for BeAnne, my thoughts and best wishes are with you.

  2. Sam

    Yes “What ever it take” because BeAnne is a family member hiding in a dog suit. Keeping fingers crossed for good news and an easier journey.

  3. Elizabeth

    welling up here….. gulp….
    wishing you all all the best,
    sending prayers and healing vibes,
    by the time you read this , things will have been moved on, scans will have been done, i hope so much that all goes well..


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