Day off

The weather has changed dramatically.  We have had an entire month’s worth of rain in one day.


So after all the riding we have done recently, I decided to give the horses the day off.  They have worked hard and deserve it.  Also, my back is not brilliant and I could do with a bit of a rest too.  Instead I went round checking everyone was alright.  There has been some quantity of water coming off the hill and the stream flooded across their fields.


The girls were pleased to see me and all still looked beautiful and clean after their show bath.  I don’t think I have seen Fivla looking so white for a very long time.  To think she was entirely black when I bought her as a foal.  I was told she would turn grey but I never really believed it.

BN2A0078 BN2A0089   BN2A0096 BN2A0099

This little lot will all go back to the hill park now we don’t need them.  We were only entered for the Walls Show so there are no more outings.  Their show training, despite being unused, will not go to waste.  The girls learned to lead and stand nicely, follow body language and to load without a fuss.  All invaluable skills for any young lady (and gentleman).


Daisy and Anna have gone off on their travels abroad at the crack of sparrows this morning and the house seems eerily silent without them.  Daisy comes back to Shetland in 10 days and Anna goes on home to the US.


Happy travels girls.  Go safely.  Zoot would have offered to carry your bags!  I can just see her at the Spanish Riding School showing them how to do it properly!



3 thoughts on “Day off

  1. Mandy

    They mentioned you (well, Shetland in general rather than you in particular!) on the weather forecast here (in Lancashire!) and said you’d had it bad- glad you’re all ok, if a bit soggy!


  2. Nicky Callam

    I read this every day! It cheers me up as I am stuck in hospital without my dogs and horses (something you will sympathise with, Frances). Two months here now and still a way to go. Do you have news of the delectable Bozz-bozz?


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