The Dead Pony Society

These three were waiting for me at the gate – from left to right, Newt, Vitamin and Fivla.

Every step I took was being watched.  Sadly, minimal carrots (we’re running very low until someone goes to town) were dished out.

Meanwhile, the other 5 were fast a-bye-byes at the far end of this field.  They now have two fields to play in.


As I walked nearer, Waffle spied me and immediately got up.

Silver was flat out.  Dead to the world.  Dreaming his dreams oblivious of the world.

I didn’t want to disturb him but he soon realised I was around. I gave him his carrot while he sat like this. He happily accepted.

Storm woke up as well.  I got the feeling of the Kraken wakes!

He was like a toddler who has just been in a very deep sleep – boggly-eyed and disorientated but possibly in a filthy mood.

He did his “Tang horse” stretch and yawned.  I shoved his carrot in.

Dear old Waffle. So cool and very endearing.

And then I walked back leaving the “sleeping beauties” behind and back at the gate little Newt was waiting for me.  Always waiting.  And yes, I took his nosey in both hands and gave him a big kiss, which was all he really wanted, apart from the hopeful expectation of more carrots if he smiled hard enough!

4 thoughts on “The Dead Pony Society

  1. diane in northern wis

    Oh man, you’d better send somebody to the store pronto, to get more carrots! Not that they don’t all love seeing you, but I know that they also LOVE carrots!


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