Armed Guard

Haakon has got over his meeting with Taktur, our stallion, and is looking much better again. Being 28, he gets food, as in real calories.

If you don’t know, Haakon is my first and best Icelandic horse.

We go way back – over 25 years and are a bit like an old married couple. We know each other very well.

And today, far, far away, shut in another pen are everyone else (that would be Klængur and Iacs) who would bully Haakon.  In this life, le mot jour is “Carpe diem(sieze the day for you non-Latin speakers) or seize the gate and shut it so Haakon could eat his breakfast in peace.

They all get along very well, but when food is involved all bets are off.

If there can be stealing, intimidating and even bullying, then no one is without sin.

Iacs is the worst culprit.

He doesn’t care.  We have constant words about his killer instinct (he can also pat down a human with all the expertise of a security guard at a large international airport looking for explosives).

Anywho, today Haakon got to eat his breakfast without an armed guard.  He was happy.

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