The Calm Before the Storm

From tonight onwards, we are in for a bit of weather.

So there is much to do – feeding horses, checking other horses, gathering up extra silage for tomorrow and battening down the hatches everywhere.

These guys will stay outside during the gale.

They are strong and have plenty of shelter plus endless piles of silage.

Apparently, Iacs and Haakon look like the pregnant mares!  Oh, the shame!

The other herd at Liradale are fine too.  There is shelter from the surrounding hills and dry-stone dykes (walls).  They probably won’t know anything is going on.

When I did a head count, I found Storm around the corner.  He was having forty winks.

This lot are indoors tonight.  I have given them the indoor school and taken their rugs off.  Old ladies and little foals sometimes need to have a break from the vile weather.


Daisy’s horses – Kappi and Taktur also live in at night.  They are in training so that is their earned privilege.

I think the only victims in this gale are going to be the spring flowers that were just thinking about putting in an appearance.

Of course, they are peaking far too early.

Q:  Why didn’t they wait for Spring?  February is not Spring.  Not even slightly close.
A:  Because it has been too warm for this time of year and they have been lulled into a false sense of security.

Their appearance will be brief and they were lovely for a very short time.

Tomorrow everything will probably be gone or looking very battered.

Sad.  It was beginning to look pretty again.

Hey ho, wish us luck.  The gale will be a 24 job with added rain too!  Yay.

6 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hope it’s not as bad as predicted, Frances, and that all your buildings still have their roofs in the morning. It’s been a relatively easy winter so far in my part of the country but poorer weather is thought to be on its way for later this month and probably into March too. But I imagine it will be minor compared to the weather you are likely to experience. I’m impressed with your planning!

  2. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Thank you for the always wonderful pictures. What kind of weather will you get? Will the temps drop very low and lots of rain and wind? Do you ever get snow? How wonderful your pictures are of the too early spring flowers popping up. They really made me smile! Here we have snow and ice for months on end so any spring bulbs wouldn’t dare think about popping up for a long time yet. We have many below-zero days too. Hoping that all will be well with your beautiful horses and your beautiful flowers! I’ll check back to see how you made out. Take care all.

  3. Sam

    Good luck with the storm and sheltering ponies. In New England, we have not had a proper winter so the spring flowers are also popping up way too soon!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Hope everyone stays safe and well. I would want to bring everyone in when the weather gets very bad. Do you bring the sheep in during gales or do they stay outdoors? Good luck, hope it’s not as bad as predicted.


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