Waffle’s Relations

Yup, you’ve guessed – it is truly vile outside so I have not taken my camera outdoors.  No photos of today.   Just imagine rain and wind and then double it.  Utterly revolting outside.

The horses and ponies are all in except for the Liradale ones, who have plenty of grass and shelter.  I am trying hard not to worry about them.

Today’s blog, therefore, is a rainy day one about Waffle or The Waff, as he is known.

Waffle is one of the original Minions who stayed on to keep Storm company when he had nowhere else to go.

Silver is his 2nd cousin three times removed.  This is an interesting fact as these two paired up the day they arrived.  They have always been best friends.

However, there is no relationship between Waffle with Storm, Tiddles or Newt.

I am not surprised by this.  Storm, Tiddles and Newt are miniature Shetland ponies (up to 34″ or 86cm) anyway.

Having said that, Albie is Waffle’s 4th cousin once removed so that skuppers my size theory!  Albie is a miniature Shetland pony.

Waffle is supposed to be a standard Shetland pony (up to 42″ or 106.6cm) but actually comes in as a midi (around 36″ – 38″ or 91.5cm – 96.5cm).  I must measure him the next time he is home.  Maybe he will have grown taller.  He has certainly grown wider!

As for the black standard Shetland ponies, Waffle is related to Vitamin and Lyra – Vitamin is Waffle’s 2nd cousin 3 times removed….

as is Lyra according to my Relationship Calculator.  Can’t you just see that family resemblance?

He is not related to Delia at all.

Funnily enough, Waffle is not related to any of the Icelandic horses, although he wants to be one when he grows up!

“You can choose your friends but you sho’ can’t choose your family, an’ they’re still kin to you no matter whether you acknowledge ’em or not, and it makes you look right silly when you don’t.”

― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird


19 thoughts on “Waffle’s Relations

  1. Kelly H.

    I love when we get to hear tidbits about their individual personalities! I never knew he and Silver were best buds. You’re a good boy, Waffle.

    Did I miss something about Lambie? Missing his face in your posts! Hope all is well.

  2. Deb Twomey

    Frances..I absolutely have to have a print of the last pic of this series with the Harper Lee quote. Please send me info on buying that pic. Thank you and Love sent

    1. Frances Post author

      I hate myself. I have lost the original. The biggest I can send you in a measly 900 x 900 in black and white, if that is any use to you.

  3. Cathy

    What will happen Frances ? Will be you be forced to have them tagged or are there other penalties? (Please ignore this question if it is all too sensitive at the moment)

    1. Frances Post author

      They have to be tagged. The fact that they go nowhere, can be identified in a crowd of a thousand is irrelevant. The law says so I must. The fact that it is cruel and will hurt them seems irrelevant too. If I pierced BeAnne’s ears, I would be charged with cruelty. Apparently it is different for sheep. I am struggling with this decision.

          1. Nicki

            Could you apply Emla cream or something along those lines to numb the area to be pierced, so it wouldn’t hurt as much ?

  4. Louise Stopford

    You have totally lost me with all these relations!!! The photo’s are beautiful. I to was wondering about the sheep and why you have not pictured/mentioned them recently. What does it matter if they are pets and on your own land – seems crazy? My friend keeps sheep in Scotland (as pets) on her own land and I don’t think she has them tagged (I must remember to ask her). Have they given you an ultimatum? What will you do?

  5. Sam

    So sorry to hear the Bozenberries had to be tagged – wretched practice! But I too would love to buy a print of the last picture. Getting a Waffle’s background and other tidbits is fun.

    1. Frances Post author

      I have lost the original! (off to kill myself).a

      The biggest version I have is 900 x 900. Do you want me to send it to you? It is black and white.


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