Les Girls – Checked

Après Minions, I go and check that my two (older) ladies, Hetja and Brá, are happy and healthy.  They live about 5 miles away.

Their field is enormous and Brá is, as ever, about as unhelpful as she can be.

Hetja is always on stand-by waiting for carrots.

But Brá needs her fair share too so I climbed up the hill (which was like a cliff-face and I am not good with heights) for her.

The old bat wouldn’t come to me when I asked her to.

Oh no, because I am only trying to feed her daily carrot.

Being the nice person that I am.

And therefore being totally ignored, but always being watched….

So I clambered up the steep hill, almost on my hands and knees….

And delivered the carrot.

Which she kindly ate.  Oh, well done.

And the second one because Hetja had two.

And then, knowing the ladies both absolutely fine, I scrambled down hill and drove home.

(trying very hard not to think about just how ungrateful Brá is (or how fat!)

5 thoughts on “Les Girls – Checked

  1. Sam

    Do the Grand Dames ever get lonely by themselves? And that was a bratty trick to make you climb a hill to deliver carrots.

    1. Frances Post author

      Absolutely not. They love their life. It is bliss. They don’t have to get pregnant, they don’t have anything asked of them except to be caught occasionally and to pick up a foot to be trimmed. Life is good for them.

  2. Irmel

    I’m so sorry – it must have been terrible – for all of you! Glad the mothers and Soley (I assume?) survived.


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