The Big Outside!

After Minioning (yes, it is now a verb as in to Minion), Daisy and I took Efstur and Dreki for a walk.

I think what surprised me most was that Efstur was deemed to be the “grown-up” in this!  Pahahahahaha!

♬”We’re all going to die, we’re all going to die,
(altogether now), we’re all going to die!”♬

Seeing the “Outside World” is an essential part of training.  Daisy led Dreki!

While I drew the short straw, Efstur.

Daisy and Dreki forged forwards.

Efstur and I mooched around at the back.  Efstur was resentful that his Daisy was now with Dreki.  He watched.

Onto the road and Daisy allowed Dreki to look, get his head around and think about everything.

Dreki has never left his field or his herd so this was all new.

Who knew?

Efstur knew and managed a bijoux spook at a land drain that is going to get him, apparently.  We laugh in the face of danger, I told him.

They were both very good boys and, when we met the post van, they behaved beautifully.

On the homeward stretch now.

A quick stop-off to look at the fishing net that goes over the bin-bags on a Thursday. It has muchos potential for worry, Haakon will tell you.  It probably eats Icelandic horses too.

But Dreki was more interested in our signpost.

Efstur and I walk faster than Dreki who was busy enjoying his freedom.

Another quick stop-off to examine our mail.

And then buckets to say well done.

So that was that.  The big bad world has been done – tick!

Who would’ve thunk Efstur would be the grown-up?  I am still laughing about that!

3 thoughts on “The Big Outside!

  1. Sam

    Love the new verb! As for this walk about – are you really sure you had Efstur and not his twin????
    Amazing how well they both behave, other than the occasional green eyed monster glaring at “he who took MY Daisy”.


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