Bits of my Day

The view from my bedroom window this morning.  So much daylight and so much potential.

Minions fed and checked – ✔️
Dreki ridden – ✔️

Pendleton shirt collection (my Spring and Summer wardrobe) washed and ready to wear – ✔️
Icelandic/Norwegian sweaters washed and ready to go back into storage away from moths – ✔️

Maggie – ✔️ often.

The others (running when I called them) – ✔️

Awww…. Lambie, all bunchy!

And now sulky.  A sheep of many moods.

Edna and Madge looking very good considering this time last year…..

After taking BeAnne for the World’s slowest afternoon stroll, I went back to sit with the sheep. ‘Bert was my best friend. Such a dude.

Taktur bored of being beautiful.

And, again, Maggie – all by herself. She mostly is at the moment. I wonder if that will change.  I am not pushing anything. This is all on her terms.

But she doesn’t seem to mind so I let her do what she wants and she comes when she’s called.

And yes, there is food involved.  She loves her grub. Like Edna, she is on two meals a day. Edna is not prepared to give this up (ever) and Maggie thinks it’s great too.

Sheep can count.

I sat down and Maggie sat down.  I wonder what colour her lamb will be – my money is on a black ram lamb…. I am beginning to get excited.

From not much, now so much is going on.

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