The Big Outdoors

I got back from a lovely relaxed plod on Haakon with BeAnne walking alongside and there was Waffle waiting by the gate, asking to do something different.

Once Haakon was untacked, I left him eating his cod liver oil cunningly disguised in some hopefully not too-fattening food.  Waffle would have put on his own head-collar if he could and off we caught up with OH who was doing the world’s slowest geriatric walk with Jack.


Jack loathes ponies.  This failing relationship started when his head was down a rabbit hole, leaving his staffy-like bottom up in the air.  Hammy asked his bottom what it was doing and Jack turned round and swore like a navvy at him.  This immediately resulted in Hammy firmly escorting Jack off the premises with his nose up his arse pushing him out.  Jack has never got over this indignity and from thence forth, loathed anything equine.

Once Jack had spotted Waffle through his cataracts, he went on strike for OH.  So we quickly went passed him leaving them to it.  So much for my romantic idea that we could’ve all gone on this dog walk together.


It was very obvious that Waffle was very happy to be in The Big Outdoors.  Here was a whole new world for him.


I wonder if Waffle will tell Silver that he saw his house on his travels (Silver was bred on Foula – the island in the distance).


As were going so successfully, we went onto the road.  Waffle’s eyes were on stalks and when the neighbour’s horses started shouting at him, he imagined that he was still a stallion again.


After some bouncing and a lovely trot, we grudgingly home.  He loved his walk very much and it was something different for him.  All good training anyway.


9 thoughts on “The Big Outdoors

  1. Karen

    Waffs has such a cute face and your photos of Foula have left me all sniffly. Just been perusing the properties for sale on the west side….don’t know why I torture myself…we can’t make the move up for at least 2 years yet as we still have fledglings finishing Uni . 🙁

  2. Joanie

    Nice to see them branching out on their own…yesterday Silver pestering Taktur and Waffle exploring today. Wonder what Storm will get up to tomorrow! 🙂

  3. simone

    Love your blog and the way you adapt to the individuals in your herd. In fact yours is the only blog that I’ve come across that describes herd dynamics in such a personal way. So I’m curious – please tell us more about all the current characters at Thordale – and also have you ever let your stallion and mares live together permanently, around here stallions have to be kept apart and probably tied up constantly.

  4. Linda

    Luffs the Waff! I am hand walking my new pony around the premises where he lives too because we just get to know each other that way too. I like your style Frances…thanks for another sweet moment from Shetland…sniff!

  5. Sam

    I agree with Linda – there’s a great children’s book in your blog. Or a wonderful book of photography.
    Mostly I like to see the Minions up close and seperate, to get to know them better. Perhaps Waffle aspires to be cart pony? And thanks for educating us non-horse owners about the herd mentality.

  6. Terri

    Your blog is the best PR for the Shetland Islands — you should be paid by both and!

  7. robin

    Love my Jacket Potato! Well, YOUR Jacket Potato. Great story of the indignity. And that he still LOATHES them. awwwwwwwwwwww my/your Jack.


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