Memento mori

Me:  Was there a person who followed a king and told him he was mortal and not a God?


Answer: (courtesy of M Pilcher): It was a slave who rode with Roman generals if they were awarded a ‘Triumph’ (rode through the streets to the frenzied acclamation of the crowd). The slave’s job was to whisper “you’re only a man” into his ear.

I think Taktur has a volunteer for this job.



This darling shy little boy spent his day gently biting Taktur’s legs.

BN2A9418  BN2A9427BN2A9429

This is the total extent of Taktur’s resentment or trying to say no.  His leg never lifted any higher and never kicked out.


Others would perhaps not be as nice as this to a small Shetland midge.  Taktur’s generosity and tolerance are legendary.  He has to be one of the kindest horses I know.  As a 3yo wild colt, Taktur would calmly let me lead him in the pitch dark through welly-deep mud during a vicious Shetland winter pathetically clinging onto his mane in case I fell over.

BN2A9447BN2A9440 BN2A9450

Poor Taktur.  Today, Silver made it his life mission to follow and annoy.


I fear Taktur has the look of one who accepts his fate.


Taktur also doubles as a babysitter.  I love the way The Waff is trying to imitate his God.  And why not?  He is the best role model after all.



7 thoughts on “Memento mori

  1. Deb Twomey

    Could not find a way to get a message just to you. Hope this doesn’t annoy others.. I am meeting with some PPL folks this week to plan our trip to shetland. You have become our mecca. Do you have any advice ? or absolutely don’ts for travel and timing and places to stay? The trip is planned for 2016, so we have time to plan but your help would be incredible!! We all so love the posts AND THE PONIES. Big and little.

  2. Cate

    My first thought is, He’s so good with them, but that makes him sound like a human being, like a long-suffering dad or kind uncle or patient teacher….but wait, that’s exactly what he is….. 😀


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