The Big Melt

After a night of rising temperatures, we are now living in a sultry 6 degrees something and the snow is finally melting.

So we have the sheet ice to contend with.

Plus a Force 9 gale going on. This morning was “interesting” trying to feed horses with buckets and haynets.  We were caught in the wind, and off we skidded along the track.

When it got scary, I turned off the anti-lamb electric fence and we scrambled over that instead to get to the Old Men with their food.  Driving up our track to get to Leradale was also “interesting” but I drove up the side and we got there.  Minions checked and fed, I made the decision to reverse up the Leradale track because there was nowhere safe to turn the car around.  But we got home safely after sliding down our track.  Phew!

Intrepid BeAnne insisted on her walk, and was all over the place.  Silly girl could’ve gone on the green bits, like me.  But no, that’s Patterdale terriers for you. They know best.

And this afternoon, I made a very small film.  Enjoy.

Hot chocolate all round. We deserve it.

10 thoughts on “The Big Melt

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I suspect that the conditions here tomorrow morning will be similar to those you’ve had today – freezing rain falling ontop of packed snow. Not nice! Your film is lovely!

  2. darby callahan

    that sounds terrifying! I went ass over teakettle the other morning on my front walk just going out to retrieve the newspaper. love the sheeple valentine. be safe.

  3. Yvonne

    Love the valentine video, you are very talented Frances. No freezing rain or falling snow here. The temperature on my balcony is -24 C at 4:00 pm on this sunny Manitoba afternoon. We are under an extreme weather warning. Tonight -36 with a slight wind = -46. No ice to contend with though. Hope this makes you feel warm and gives you a chuckle.

  4. Sherry Walter

    Here’s another to hopefully make you feel better: 7 am animal chores -12*F, wind chill -31*F snow is now knee deep, walked down the drive to get the paper and thought my face might just break off – East Central Wisconsin, USA

  5. diane in northern wis

    Oh so icy… glad you got back home OK.
    Love that film… cute….how do you do that? What a treat!


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